Weekend Food Bonding

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I love weekend in fact we (all of us in the family – husband’s side) love weekend. Simply because it means a time for rest and a time for us to gather where we cook,have lunch and dinner together and in the night after eating as if we are having monitors


Car Maintenance

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Few days back when I heard something clanking under my car. It was as if it will break into pieces which has made me afraid of driving it again. So I decided to take it to the machine shop to have it checked. When I did I was not able to take it home with me as it needs to be confined for some repair and parts replacement and it entails some cost which is beyond my budget. Now the plan of buying best electronic drum set for beginners for my son has been postponed without knowing on when will I be able to schedule it again.


Christmas Tree Table

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Christmas season is fast approaching and I have done putting up my Christmas Tree. It is a classic themed stuff with Red, Gold and Green combination of colors. Four dozens of Christmas balls are hanging on it, with red and gold ribbon around, a dozen of poinsettia , two hundred bulbs of Christmas lights and a red and gold star on top.

The only problem I have is that I need a table to put this Christmas tree on along with the gifts I am yet to buy. I am thinking of getting somewhat like 72 Inch Round Premier Tablecloth in 74 colors – PremierTableLinens.com.

I am just so excited about it and so my son and everyone in the compound, old and young as they are seeing it with its lights glowing every night. Having Christmas decorations indeed adds fun and joy to the holiday seasons. Better match it with the playing of Christmas songs on the stereo.


Comedy Bar

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Laughter is the best medicine. For a department who started back in 2008 with only five (5) employees, to having seventy (70) employees six years after, Financial Planning & Analysis Shared Services (FPASS) has truly gone a long way.

The tricky thing with growth is that it often comes with struggles and difficulties. While it is common for everyone to have differences in opinions, attitudes and beliefs, FP&A is one step ahead in addressing these foreseeable shortcomings. Adapting to changes may be daunting for some but if the memories, events and activities shared by the team these last few months are a testament to how well FP&A is handling their growth, then FP&A is doing a pretty great job. apc bag


FP&A Benefits

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Just like how Social Media continuously dominate the World Wide Web, FP&A has become in demand and is behaving more as such in the Finance Industry.

So, why FP&A? Why do we deem FP&A necessary in our business? What are the perks of having a group of FP&A here in the Philippines?

•Established Infrastructure – Just like what you can get from ovis Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and a premier destination for Business Process Outsourcing. With that the country has created the required technology infrastructure and support communities just like what we are right now.
•Economic Benefit – Since the cost of living here in the country is much lower than United States and other Western nations the cost of hiring a competitive and highly qualified individual will never be a problem. And because the FP&A is located here in the province of Cavite salary rate is often a bit lower than what is being offered in the city.
•Customer Satisfaction Mindset – We Filipinos are known to be hospitable and with that we are always after providing excellent customer service and the same attitude is what we basically demonstrate here in FP&A Philippines. We possess strong work ethic and we focus on presenting immediate results. In fact FP&A is recognized with a one-day turn around support.
•Proficient Communication Skills – Due to strong familiarity with Western culture Filipinos are proven highly proficient in communication skills which is very much important in business partnering. This capability is very much evident here in SE Philippines FP&A other than the dedication towards work that our analysts give.
•Broad Talent Pool – given the stellar academic credentials of Filipino students produced by some of the recognized best universities in Asia here in the Philippines, most of the accountants and analysts in the country have experienced to work for multi-national companies. Here in SE FP&A Philippines we have a lot of talents who are qualified CPAs and with long-established expertise in the field of analysis and quantitative accounting.

The above characteristics are maybe basic to the Filipinos and may not only be associated to being an FP&A analyst nevertheless the profession in particular is extremely beneficial and believed to be a rapid response on the needs of the company to have unbiased analysis and to support management decisions.

Overwhelmed by the aggressive competition and some business complexities, FP&A Philippines was able to set up a functional team providing timely and smart services depending on the organization’s needs.

Having shared the mission and vision earlier and with FP&A Philippines positioned in between the level of Global Reporting and Controllership, the team is currently doing intensive support in terms of Global Sales and Orders Reporting, SFC Analysis and Controllership, Global Solutions Projects Consolidation and Analysis, Systems Administration, Consolidation, Business Process Improvement covering various Schneider Business Units and Regional Operations.

FP&A Philippines having multitalented, empowered and trusted workforce is flexible enough to deliver excellent and reliable business reports (be it ad hoc or standard) such as automated spreadsheets, cost saving recommendations and some value-add analysis that would maximize efficiency and operational performance. FP&A individuals whom are focused on milestones demonstrate a “we can” attitude through the use of industry best practices integrated with digital technology.



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Like the beat of drum with the aid of ezdrummer software the on-line assistance provided by My.SSS is a thing that makes life easier. The process of inquiring just anything about your contribution is easy as one step on the bass drum pedal.

Go to https:///www.sss.gov.ph and see how it could be of help to you as it says:

My.SSS is an online service portal that allows SSS members exclusive access to their contributions and membership records, make online transactions, set appointments with their SSS servicing branch, and request copies of their records, as needed.

My.SSS also has a Members Forum wherein members may discuss SSS-related issues. The Forum is moderated by SSS employees and/or officials who are knowledgeable and authorized to respond to members’ concerns or direct their complaints.

To access My.SSS, individual or corporate members must register for their own username and password, which shall be issued by the SSS.


Broken Keyboard

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I guess it was less than a year when I bought my son’s keyboard and guitar. At this point in time, I am still unsure if he has this inclination to music. Few days back he had the interest to play his keyboard again. After few pressing and pointing on the keys there was this irritating sound which looks like it is grounded or something. Until some of they keys did not produce a sound anymore. And so I supposed that it is broken already. Now I am thinking of buying something new and heavy duty keyboard again. I would probably get an xlr female as well.


Samsung Tab A with S Pen

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samsung tab a

My son did not have a 7th birthday party for his friends other than what we held in his classroom. We told him that we might run out of budget and instead we have promised to give him a gift – a new tablet. I was looking for a kind to give him and I bumped into Samsung Tab A with S Pen.

Main Features:

Sleek, Modern Feel
Enhanced Productivity via the S Pen Experience
Optimal Viewing Experience

It is a 12GHz, quad-core android phablet with external memory support of up to 128GB. For more of its amazing features you may visit samsung website.

Its price is around P16,000.


My Non-Pro Driving

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Been driving for more than a week now. With the difference of my partner’s and my schedule it has become our routine that it will be me who will bring the car every morning, I will fetch hubby from his workplace, he will accompany me to my office then he will take back the car to their parking space. So far I have already found the comfort in driving except for the Deep foot break some times making me feel like bumping into something. But at least this time I am able to adjust and I can already afford listening to music from the car stereo while driving.



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Father’s day is almost approaching and I was thinking of what to give my partner in this event. He was asking me then to give him a wallet but I remember one time he was trying to look for a smart watch and this what made me interested about it. I look for the same on the net and found out that there are actually several types of it. Some which acts as an accessory to a mobile phone and some which can be a phone itself. Now I am thinking of what to avail – the accessory one or the mobile charge itself?

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