In Need of a Printer

Posted by thtechie on March 1, 2016 in Computer and Internet, Printing Services, Research Services, Typing Services |

Since I was able to make our desktop work again (though there are still some upgrades needed) I am now thinking of earning through it aside from blogging of course. What came into my mind is offering some kind of research, printing and typing services. Having said I would be in need of a printer […]


The Computer Enthusiast in me

Posted by thtechie on February 27, 2016 in Computer and Internet, Gadgets, On-line Stores |

Before entering college, I already made a choice of taking computer courses because that’s what I really wanted. All my credentials were accepted in a University for a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering until I passed to another school which my uncle (supporting my studies then) said better than the first one. […]


How to Start Blogging and Earning On-line

I made a letter for a co-worker who showed an interest to earn on-line as well. Since we do not have much time in office, I hope this somehow helps. Hi Ma’am _ _ _ _, I know I have promised to discuss with you about my $ sideline thing and I hope I can […]


My Friend Wants to be a Blogger Too

Posted by thtechie on August 15, 2010 in Blogging, Computer and Internet, On-line Creations |

from left-right (top to bottom) Dhang, Anne, Kat, Beth and Niko We are originally five (5) in our college group of friends and we call ourselves “Tropang Lima”. We were together five (5) times a week then from first year till we graduated in 2002. Until now, we never lose communication, we send text messages […]


My PC was Reformatted

Posted by thtechie on August 11, 2010 in Computer and Internet, Operating System |

Prior to my week long disconnection from net, I have always been complaining about virus attacked. I have tried some of the available trouble shooting and researched instructions from net to take it off but nothing happened. The virus continued to propagate. Last Saturday, I turned the disadvantage of being offline into its opposite. I […]


It Isn’t the Connection Really…

Posted by thtechie on August 10, 2010 in Computer and Internet, On-line Creations, Various Gadgets |

I was too expressive these past few days in telling almost everybody that I don’t have an internet connection that there was actually a problem about it. I came home tonight not expecting that this IC will be fixed finally. I am just so glad that it is already working now. My aunt told me […]


How to Connect a Word from a Phrase

Posted by thtechie on July 20, 2010 in Computer and Internet, MS Excel |

I have been doing this task for about three (3) months. And I really hate doing this as it really eats a lot of time. I have mentioned once that I am already an advanced MS Excel user but I had difficulty in this one. I am retyping one by one, in a new column […]


Blog,Blog,Blog and Blog

Posted by thtechie on July 15, 2010 in Computer and Internet, On-line Creations |

I might have already mentioned that I am now a certified blog addict. Not just once you will hear me speaking about this “blog” thing in a day. Just yesterday, I have experienced trading my break time for an article. Oh my gosh, I am now choosing blogging over eating. Would this make me thin? […]


F1 Please!!! – Internet Connection

Posted by thtechie on July 12, 2010 in Computer and Internet, On-line Creations |

I am really wondering what’s happening to my internet connection nowadays. I used to have a quick click and display feature but now it’s taking me some time before I could load a page. Previously, I can open multiple tabs at the same time while this time even a single tab in a window takes […]


Lotus Notes

Posted by thtechie on July 10, 2010 in Computer and Internet |

For almost eight (8) years of employment I have never been exposed even just a little to Lotus Notes interface. So when I was introduced to it upon hiring by my current employer I had a hard time working on this. Unlike outlook express and Microsoft outlook I find it a little complex though they […]

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