Daily Devotion Revived

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There was a point in my life where I will not get to sleep without reading a book that will nourish my soul or sometimes I do it right when I wake up. But I was not so sure about when I started to let go of that. During the passed few days, I was planning to get back to that but I just cant. There was no push and I don’t know why.

Last Monday, since it was my birthday my husband ask me to grab something if not anything that I want just for my birthday. I almost roamed around the entire department store but I ended up picking nothing. We went home without any souvenirs other than the memories yet I was not regretful about it.

The next day, I got back to work and before the day ends I was so surprised to have received a book. Lo and behold it was a devotional reading stuff. Right there and then I realized that this was exactly what I need – a thing that
will not just nourish my body but my being as a whole. I really think Ma’am Eda for being so thoughtful and generous such an angel from above. Now I am on my fifth day back to having my daily devotion.


Bedroom Wallpaper Project

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We are just renting a space from my husband’s aunt’s property for our shelter (though we have our own). It is a one bedroom house just enough for the three of us though it has a huge space which is being used commercially in the past.

From the time we moved in, there are cracks on the wall and some sort of waterfalls every time it rains. I was worried about the cracks inside our bedroom, worried about the appearance but more so on our safety.I was thinking about having it repainted until I though of just getting a wallpaper and it was a coincidence that one of my office mates offer such. It will be a temporary solution though as my husband who is thinking of grabbing a the block orange is now planning to avail of a lot offered in a newly opened subdivision just within the town’s vicinity.


Selfie Expert

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Yes I just got a new phone. A kind of which I envied from my husband. I really never thought of getting an upgraded unit until he did. He actually asked me to get it for him from the store and when I saw it’s features I instantly decided to buy something of the same kind for me to.


They call it the Selfie Expert which was launched just last month. It has a 5.5 inch display has 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 13mp primary camera, 16mp front shooter. It is a dual sim unit with Android OS v5.1 of Lollipop. I wish it will be just like a music gear giveaway which I don’t need to pay for.



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This is to certify that XYRALYN M. NOVELO was an employee of American Power Conversion by Schneider Electric holding the position of PH-FINANCIAL INVENTORY ANALYST (WW) from November 3, 2009 to January 9, 2012. The employee last drawn annual gross compensation was XXX PESOS (PHP0.00).casio px850

Her role was to support Supply Chain and Management by providing detailed analysis and report related to Inventory Management and Costing. She ensures that the inventory control is in place in each organization across all regions through preparation of analysis of cycle count program adjustment report, open counts and negative inventory. She also tracks performance relating to cycle count and inventory control by showing coverage % of counts performed accuracy, and open counts which have not been performed; assists in the Standard Cost Update for North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific Regions as well as calculates transfer price at a global level.


DJ and Love

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I just have finished watching the movie “Love Me Tomorrow” from my mobile phone. The thing which I just downloaded with a link provided by a friend directly through my phone. Ignorant as I maybe but I have never really tried that before.

And so the movie has a “music” thing revolving around the life of a Disc Jockey featuring music party, party club and a head phone. Surely this may have something like or maybe related to an izotope ozone 5.

More than that, it was about loving a person not your age. The characters reveal the message of true love by letting go. Allowing each other to explore things without each other, realizing every one’s potential and finding somebody exactly meant for them.


Internet Connection and Blogging

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It’s been two (2) months since we had our internet connection at home. The speed was really good comparing to the kind that I had before but the only problem this time is that we are being bombarded by these wifi hackers in the neighborhood. Just recently I was able to change our password credentials but I still wonder why there are unknown device connected to our modem.

Anyways, the good thing about having this connection at home is that it enables me to continue my work without having to stay long at the office. At least I can be with my family even though I still need to spend some time to work. Also, it now accommodates the passion I have in writing through blogging. Even better that my husband supports me on it simply because of the rationale that I can get the money to pay for the internet bill through this blogs.


Raffle and Singing Contest in One

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It was just yesterday when we attended our cooperative’s General Assembly for the year 2016. It’s an annual thing where a distribution of give-away, free dinner, release of certificate of stocks, crediting of partial dividend happens. On of the most awaited portion of the activity is the raffle and singing contest. During the contest, they did that in the form imitated from the television show Tawag ng Tanghalan. However, there’s a twist wherein you cannot come in with your own piece instead you have to draw it from the box provided on stage. I guess they should have a kind of audiotechnica m50 to do the judging well.

On the other hand, I am not that much interested about the contest my concern is on the raffle and luckily my name has been picked to receive a small kitchen appliance – a blender. Not bad though I just got the same prize during our recent Christmas party.


In Need of a Printer

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Since I was able to make our desktop work again (though there are still some upgrades needed) I am now thinking of earning through it aside from blogging of course. What came into my mind is offering some kind of research, printing and typing services. Having said I would be in need of a printer but then I am not sure of what would be the most appropriate brand and model to buy. What I know of is that there are Brother, Epson, HP, Canon, Samsung printers available in the market but I need something that will serve its purpose at the lowest possible cost so it has to be a low budget, efficient when it comes to printing speed, low maintenance, ink-friendly, qith quality output and requires low electric consumption. Once I get hold of my budget I’ll try to scout around.


The Computer Enthusiast in me

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Before entering college, I already made a choice of taking computer courses because that’s what I really wanted. All my credentials were accepted in a University for a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering until I passed to another school which my uncle (supporting my studies then) said better than the first one.

Too much of this introduction, I am a computer enthusiast – anything related to it captures my interest. It’s been a month since we had a new internet connection and just the other day when I decided to have our desktop connected to it. With all the troubleshooting performed the desktop with more than five years disconnected from web is now working (in fact I am currently using it in blogging). It is such an achievement for me and I am just so happy to have made it worked.


Car Audio

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Lately we have been enjoying listening to the radio while we are in the car. There is this station which we find very fun and entertaining with all those humorous yet practical jokes thrown by their pair of DJs. Their topics are most of the time up to date with the latest trending issues. Every time we are tune in, it is as if we are listening to the sound of music with the aid of ibanez acoustic bass which is relaxing in its own sense. And since we are in part sitting in the car at least once or twice a day then we are thinking of changing our car audio set. Budget permits we’ll push it through.

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